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Steps to Porto (Heel Mosaic)

Steps to Porto

The captivating mosaics that adorn almost every doorway & corner of Porto are a testament to this. The beauty of these hand-painted tiles inspired the…

Wings of Prosperity (Heel Feather)

Wings of Prosperity

Have you ever noticed the multitude of magnificent colours within a single feather? When captured in the light the unique markings of each individual bird…

Floral Escape (Heel Flowers)

Floral Escape

The inspiration for Floral Escape was born during a countryside walk in England. The beauty of wildflowers is encompassed in their shape, colour, movement &…

Vivid Composition (Heel Metallic)

Vivid Composition

Artists have & will continue to shape the work of future designers. Pablo Picasso inspired Vivid Composition; his use of colour & geometric forms were…